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Neil Williams

Neil Williams is the Founder and Co-Director of Designed Social and a pioneer of successful Instagram and Facebook marketing for architecture, interiors & design consumers.


I have always had a passion for architecture and design, and have been lucky enough to work for outstanding architectural magazines and digital platforms here in Australia and overseas.

I started Designed Social because I realised very quickly no one else was doing this in Australia; and having met and worked with clients from all over the world, I knew the marketing problems they were facing.  They wanted advertising that worked; that gave them results… results they could measure, but the solutions often open to them; they either could afford but didn't like or the ideas they did like, they couldn't afford.

The slightly boring but useful bit.....but gives you an idea of my background:

An advertising and design expert with extensive experience. Privileged to work closely with a wide range of a+d clients through magazines such as Architecture Australia, Houses, Artichoke, Architects’ Journal and The Architectural Review, where I also developed successful websites and newsletters for,, and

Sadly, I am unlikely to be a Wall Street Journal bestselling author because I am a total data nerd. Yes, I like words but LOVE data, numbers and the hidden stories they tell. I am highly-competitive, obsessed with all things digital & design and love to make creative and engaging advertising for my design clients.

Originally from England, I live in Mount Eliza (just an hour from Melbourne), near the beach, and fortunately near to one or two rather good wineries too! Lucky enough to have a partner who although probably doesn't appreciate the data nerd side of me....loves all things creative and design, and loves talking to you, learning all about your journey, helping you to create your story.  We have two awesome sons and a somewhat obsessive compulsive rescue lab called Charlie, who fits in perfectly to our family!

When, and if I grow up, I will be a photographer but for now, I am content with the latest manager at Manchester United, the odd game of golf and training for the Boston Marathon (where I need to shave a modest 48 minutes and 27 seconds off my current time to qualify).

Back to creating......speak soon.